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4dnQNreebok台灣 pRHw nml

adidas ultra boost,He never imagined it turned out to be a very long journey! The soul of the soul of the sea inside the power of the absorption of white gas is very slow as if the turtle speed! But if the time to stop the cultivation of their own nature will cause a very serious back bite! And practicing a way has always been a very long journey, if not learn to endure, adhere to! Naturally can not become a big device! Such a process of absorption even spent nearly three days! When the third night after the sea of 鈥嬧?婰in Yang soul that the wire white gas finally completed its mission was completely absorbed the soul of the sea!
adidas鞋子,But then the wire can not resist the excitement and come! Absorption of a skill to look at the natural results of it! At this time, Lin Yang mind suddenly came a burst of old voice: When you hear this voice, that you are my good friend! The old lady then rife with Tianyuan Lu is by virtue of this skill and the hands of an old sword! Let me explain the following three conditions in the end is what burning fire sword it! Burning sword three territory is a kind of cheat, it can enhance the cultivation of practitioners in a short time, but the premise is that you use the sword is the sword!
adidas慢跑鞋,Burning sword three territory by name burning sword and suddenly reached the three realm! The first state to muddy territory, the second state to attain territory, the third state to Dili border! If you can cultivate to the third level of the state, then even in time you may even become the first person on the road! Let me explain the burning of the three conditions of the esoteric sword it! Heart sword, the sword long, no sword in mind, the sword forever; body as a sword to the sword as the body, then the edge unparalleled exposed the world! I hope you do not live up to the good understanding of the old lady a painstaking!
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